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The choice between profit and quality in business decision-making


An order, named 900 (an alias lacking specific reference) in our company, used to present a significant predicament for HENGJIE. The order needed a procurement of tiny components to make a signal lamp which is crucial to completing their customized lighting project. However, our supplier encountered substantial issues. They were unable to provide the components within the designated timeframe, impeding our ability to meet the customer's delivery deadline.

To ensure timely delivery, we opted for a new supplier, and we meticulously scrutinized raw materials before storage adhering to our quality inspection process.
Despite the finished product passing our customer's all requirements, we still identified a slight instability during the product aging test in this particular batch.

After conducting a tracing inspection, we exactly knew the components from the new supplier as the root cause of this predicament.

This situation presented us with a new challenge: should we deliver these batch products to our customers within the stipulated delivery time? We were faced with two options. The first was to deliver on schedule, but the components might have had slight instability after prolonged use by our customers over several years.The alternative was to apologize to our customers, explaining the situation, and consequently, delaying the delivery by the terms of the contract, thereby accepting the associated losses.

In the choosing between ensuring quality and safeguarding profits, EHNGJIE chose the former without hesitation, despite the loss exceeding a million. We unwavering believe quality is the heart of the survival and growth of the company.

(Hengjie Quality, Hengjie Responsibility: Always Your Trusted and Preferred Partner)

Now, we cater to approximately 400 customers worldwide, many of whom have maintained long-term partnerships with HENGJIE for over a decade. This stems from our business ethos: consistently prioritizing quality and service. We maintain a high-quality commitment in every transaction to ensure sustained, long-term business development.  Consequently, we've earned the loyalty and support of numerous stable, long-term customers.