The privacy policy

Update: March 9, 2023.
Privacy policy
Hengjie's mission is to provide outstanding lighting solutions to every customer in the world, so we have arranged for a website platform to showcase our products, publish the company's information and provide online services.
We value your private information and will take security measures accordingly to protect your personal information as required by law and regulations, so we are committed to keeping you informed of privacy policies.
Please read the policy carefully, and at the same time, if you use our products and services, you agree with the contents of this policy, or if you have any questions, please contact us.

First, what information we have collected.
1 When you want to subscribe to our latest information, you need to enter your email before you subscribe.
2 When you want to contact us, you need to provide your information such as name, country, company, product you want to consult, e-mail, phone number and what your needs.
3 Such information is personal and sensitive and we will strictly protect your private information and you can choose whether to subscribe or enter online messages according to your own needs.
4 When you use the download resource for the PDF file associated with the product, you will gain storage permissions for the device to modify or read the contents of the memory card.

Second, how do we gather and use your information?
1 In order to provide you with a more comprehensive service, we will use software services provided by a professional third-party service unit - JOYMAGIC - that may collect, use or store your personal information, but we will exercise our prudent obligation to rigorously review the source.
2 In addition to this, when we receive your information, we will forward your information to our professional sales staff who will respond immediately to address your questions.

Third, how do we protect your private information?
We will take all reasonable and feasible measures to protect your personal information. We will take all reasonable and feasible measures to ensure that irrelevant personal information is not collected.

Fourth, your rights
In accordance with relevant Chinese laws, regulations and standards, we guarantee that you exercise your legal rights over your personal information.

Fifth, what do we do with our children's personal information?
1 We attach great importance to the protection of minors' personal information. According to the provisions of relevant laws and regulations, if you are a minor, you should obtain the written consent of your parent or legal guardian before subscribing or providing your information.
2 We do not collect personal information, including information about minors.. Although local laws and customs define children differently, we consider anyone under the age of 14 as a child.

Sixth, how to renew this policy
We may revise this policy in due course. When the terms of this policy are changed, we will show you the changed privacy policy on Hengjie's website when the version is updated.

Seventh, others
User rights and information security measures specified in our HENGJIE website which copyright of this policy is owned by HENGJIE Corporation, which reserves all right to interpret and modify it.

Eighth, how to contact us
If you have any questions, comments or suggestions on the relevant issues of this policy, please send an email to [] Or contact us through the official website of HENGJIE company (