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Residential lighting is one of our brilliant businesses. We devote our lighting effects to healthy, soft, aesthetic lighting and create a comfortable atmosphere in your house.
In addition, we've made lights smart and adjustable, in coordination with control systems and accessories, to fit in your wardrobes, cabinets and every interior corner, allowing lights to add quality time to your life.

Retail lighting is our fastest growing business in recent years, with more and more customers choosing our retail lighting systems to add value to their business while better showcasing their products.
In Retail Lighting, we focus on display lighting, shelving lighting and store lighting for retail environments, offering special customized lighting solutions to satisfy a variety of requirements in exclusive retail scenarios, and supporting high-performance products with sustainable, stable and maintenance quality.

We specialize in variety of ultra-slim, efficient and stable power supplies for cabinet, furniture and display lighting applications.

We create professional control systems to accommodate lighting solutions.
Smart and mini-control systems are separated or integrated into the lighting system to enable multiple illumination.

Our accessories support lighting solutions with easy-to-adjust assemblies, which are essential for connecting.