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The creative path of a sharp-eyed and clever young Chinese person.


Do you know the origin of "HENGJIE"?

"HENGJIE" are two meaningful Chinese words, that embody a historical heritage and unique charm.

HENG symbolizes unchanging beliefs.

The enduring dedication reflects our relentless pursuit of lighting.

Each product embodies meticulous craftsmanship, reflecting our unwavering attention to materials, technology, and details. This dedication not only delivers illumination but also creates a timeless and beautiful living space.

JIE symbolizes the pursuit of outstanding quality.

HENGJIE, a lighting brand, our commitment is unwavering in delivering top-tier products. We focus on every aspect of the product, from material selection to manufacturing craftsmanship, consistently striving for excellence. As you know, every product from HENGJIE would be through rigorous quality control and testing, ensuring they meet the highest standards. Guided by this principle, we provide customers with exceptional customized experience.


After a dinner engagement with friends on a winter's evening in 1999, Mr. Huang Jiefeng, the founder of HENGJIE Group, unexpectedly changed the trajectory of his company.

During this dinner, a friend mentioned a lucrative export lighting project with significant profit margins. However, there was a major problem:  nobody could complete the project before the deadline.

At that time, Huang knew that the furniture lighting concept had not yet emerged in China, even though he managed a modest-sized home appliance manufacturing and knew cutting-edge home design information.

After that, something inside Huang sparked by the conversation. Driven by a strong will and a desire to help his friend, he set out to overcome this significant obstacle.

Huang was unaware of the project's intricacy until he spoke with lighting experts about the needs. Many technical specifications were entirely unfamiliar, leaving the technical team perplexed.

Although the project halted, Huang's mind was always thinking of these questions:

Why are we unable to accomplish it?

Why are we not able to?

If someone else can, why not us?

With these thoughts running through his mind, Huang forced himself to overcome this technical barrier. He continually pursued help from industry experts. Despite their consensus that existing technology and equipment couldn't meet the project's technical demands, Huang persisted.

Friends urged Huang to concentrate on running the electrical appliance manufacturing, but his unwavering desire put him in a difficult situation.

'One more try, this is the final time,' he reminded himself, determined. He looked for an explanation to support his actions.

Through connections, he engaged with an expert from a military research institute, who showed keen interest in the project's technical proposal. Huang dedicated months and years to this endeavor. Under the expert's guidance, they broke through the technological challenges, and finally, the project was completed perfectly.

Upon learning that a young Chinese individual achieved this technical feat, customers were surprised and delighted. Thanks to this experience, Huang was able to secure a ten-year cooperation.

So, driven by perseverance, commitment, and steadfast values, Huang entered the furniture lighting market and founded HENGJIE. For 19 years, HENGJIE has prospered and gained the confidence of many businesses in the industry of professional home lighting. Serving more than 400 businesses globally at this time, it has emerged as a leader in a niche market.

HENGJIE plans to stick to its course of green energy and ongoing technical advancement and pledges to offer our clients high-quality goods and first-rate support and accomplish long-term brand development while adhering to our initial goals with steadfast dedication.