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Review of Key Events for HENGJIE


As a leading provider of LED lighting products and furniture lighting solutions in China, HENGJIE has been dedicated to continuous innovation and technological progress.
In time, 2023 will be history. Looking back, HENGJIE had a flourishing year that made huge achievements in product innovation, staff training, market expansion, and attentive customer service, which were a numerous outcome for the HENGJIE team.
And then, we so appreciate sharing some of HENGJIE's shining moments in 2023.

02/2023 New Year Beginnings

At the start of 2023, HENGJIE kindled vigor and commitment to showcase more exceptional products and services to the market.

03/2023 Euroshop Show

HENGJIE exhibited the latest and innovative products, allowing global audiences to experience firsthand the outstanding quality and technological prowess of HENGJIE Lighting. These solutions added limitless potential to various businesses.

06/2023 Shanghai Kitchen&Bath Show

HENGJIE presented premium products and professional cabinet lighting solutions, earning numerous accolades and exploring the domestic high-end lighting market's potential.

06/2023 Retail Innovation Show video

HENGJIE made its debut at the U.S. Retail Expo, showcasing retail display lighting solutions to global customers, and contributing to customers' significant project success.

06/2023 Customer Appreciation

Expressing gratitude for long-standing support and trust, HENGJIE conveyed heartfelt thanks through a distinctive event.

08/2023 EU A-Level Energy Certification

HENGJIE achieved an energy efficiency breakthrough, moving from B-level to A-level EU lighting standards, demonstrating dedication to innovative green energy products and eco-friendly supply chains.

08/2023 New Product Launch-Linear Light Pyrrla

The upgraded motion sensor became more sensitive, overcoming traditional sensor limitations in single-scenario applications and adapting better to multiple scenarios. Moreover, the lighting's breakthrough design with adjustable rotation angles garnered unanimous customer praise.

09/2023 Annual Quality Assessment

An event aimed at evaluating the production workshop's quality management, reinforcing employees' quality control awareness to enhance product competitiveness.

10/2023 Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration

All employees gathered to celebrate the traditional festival, feeling HENGJIE's familial love and care.

10/2023 Municipal Leaders' Visit

Acknowledging HENGJIE as a high-tech enterprise, municipal leaders praised its technological innovation, product development, and market competitiveness during their visit. They appreciated HENGJIE's leading industry position and encouraged continued leverage for Ningbo's lighting industry development.

10/2023 Jokins&HENGJIE Strategic Agreement

A significant step forward for HENGJIE in the domestic high-end lighting market is marked by a strategic cooperation agreement between Jokins, a top 30 high-end home brand, and Hengjie's lighting brand.

11/2023 Hong Kong International Lighting Fair

At this expo, HENGJIE exhibited track-powered lighting solutions for commercial displays, acclaimed for their unique design and easy installation by both domestic and international clients.

11/2023 HENGJIE Lecture Series

An internal training activity featuring Mr. Huang Jiefeng, the company's general manager, provided an insightful analysis of development strategies and operations.

11/2023 ZIS Experts Visit HENGJIE

Experts from ZIS conducted a thorough assessment of the company's product development, production processes, and quality management, providing valuable suggestions and insights.

11/2023 HENGJIE & Zhejiang Furniture Association (ZFA) Lighting Event

More than 20 representatives from high-end customized home furnishing companies, local and from other provinces, visited the company's production facilities. They gained an in-depth understanding of its products and technological advantages, engaging in extensive discussions and exchanges.

12/2023 HENGJIE Sports Day

An annual event promoting teamwork and cohesion among employees, showcasing their athletic talents and teamwork, enriching leisure activities, and enhancing internal communication for a vibrant new year.

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