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HENGJIE Shines Bright: Showcasing Beauty Display Lighting Solutions at RI Expo in Chicago


HENGJIE made a huge impact at the Retail Innovation Conference & Expo in Chicago from June 4 to 6, showcasing our expertise in Beauty Display Lighting Solutions. This event provided an outstanding platform for us to engage with industry and unveil our innovative lighting solutions tailored for the beauty retail .

At Booth #813, HENGJIE introduced three cutting-edge lighting solutions designed specifically for beauty retail environments:

MASTER2: Carefully crafted for versatile applications, this power supply system excels across a wide range of retail shelves, delivering unmatched performance.

PTKSI: Customized for gondola track shelves, this power supply system offers unparalleled reliability and stability. Its low-maintenance design ensures consistent performance, making it a trusted choice for retailers.

MASTER1: Featuring power track management, this system efficiently organizes wiring to maintain tidy shelves while ensuring stable power transmission. It provides robust support for various shelf lighting systems, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality in retail displays.

The response at the expo was overwhelmingly positive, with many people exploring these innovative solutions firsthand. The meaningful conversations and interactions reaffirmed our commitment to delivering high-quality, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing lighting solutions for the retail industry. We thanks to everyone who supported us online and in person.Your encouragement drives us to continue innovating and delivering exceptional products.

We eagerly anticipate the next opportunity to connect and share our vision for the future of beauty display lighting solutions. 

Thank you once again, and we look forward to seeing you at our next event!