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Illuminating the Future: Hengjie Impresses at KBC 2024


From May 14 to May 17, 2024, HENGJIE made a stunning debut at the Shanghai Kitchen & Bath Show, known as the "Oscars of the Kitchen and Bath Industry." Our theme, "Your Right Lighting Customizer, Illuminating Smart Homes with Heart," showcased Hengjie’s innovations in home smart lighting control systems.

The booth was divided into three areas: the Cultural Display Area, the Product Experience Area, and the Cabinet Lighting Showcase Area. Through these sections, Hengjie demonstrated the allure of lighting design with a unique aesthetic perspective to visitors from around the world.

In the Cabinet Lighting Showcase Area, three types of cabinet lighting were displayed: bookshelf lighting, wine cabinet lighting, and storage cabinet lighting. These displays epitomized the perfect fusion of lighting and furniture, embodying the concept of "Good light," which Hengjie always emphasizes.

1 Bookshelf Lighting

For bookshelf lighting, Hengjie showcased its self-developed embedded full-screen shelf light, Mini BIO, and the rear-mounted shelf light, Thalia 2.0.

Mini BIO illuminates the spines of books, making labels clearly visible for quick access.

Thalia 2.0 provides background lighting that enhances the serene and elegant ambiance of the bookshelf.

2 Wine Cabinet Lighting

In the wine cabinet lighting display, alongside Mini BIO and Thalia 2.0, HENGJIE also incorporated adjustable angle spotlights, Rainbloom.

Rainbloom creates focused lighting, highlighting the best features of displayed items.

3 Storage Cabinet Lighting

For storage cabinets, alongside Mini BIO and Rainbloom, HENGJIE also fitted glass shelf light, Mini Inner, and panel lights, GECKO.

The combination of background lighting and spotlights showcases the texture, gloss, and light and shadow of display items.

GECKO provides an even backlight that lights up the cabinet’s interior space, delivering a nuanced visual experience.

These lighting control systems can be widely applied in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, bookroom, and beyond. Each cabinet setup featured stepless dimming through smart dimming controllers, softening the light and creating a cozy and comfortable home atmosphere.

This exhibition marked a significant success for Hengjie, as our booth drew numerous visitors and captured the attention of industry experts. We believe this event has set a good foundation for future market expansion.

Looking ahead, in home smart lighting, we're dedicated to pushing the boundaries of intelligent lighting through research and innovation, ensuring that our customers receive top-quality home lighting solutions.

We extend our sincere thanks to everyone who participated for their interest and support, and we eagerly anticipate reconnecting with you at future exhibitions to continue shaping the bright future of smart home lighting.

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