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HENGJIE lighting shining in Frankurt!


Hengjie showcased its latest innovative retail lighting solutions at Light+Building in Frankfurt, Germany from March 3rd to 8th, 2024, attracting global attention.

During the fair, Hengjie displayed four flagship series, smart control system, sensors, drivers, shelf power systems, showed our ability to effectively meet the needs of every customer.

  • Our booth truly shined with the remarkable smart control systems stealing the spotlight. Utilizing diverse sensing methods such as infrared, human body, touch, motion, and presence, our smart controllers can automatically adjust illumination according to people's movements and actions, providing convenience and comfort for home cabinet lighting. Actually, our controllers have undergone extensive application in the global market, making them highly popular in home smart lighting areas.
  • Regarding shelf power systems, we have also developed new power systems cater to the specific requirements of commercial lighting projects. These systems not only aesthetically cover the power lines, make shelves clean and concise, but also perfectly complement commercial shelves and display cabinet, display retail products more effectively and beautifully.
  • Additionally, Hengjie places significant emphasis on power drivers. Our power driver seamlessly integrates with various power systems, ensuring the lighting efficient and stable.

With 19 years of experience in providing customized lighting, Hengjie has established close partnerships with over 400 companies worldwide, operating in more than 10 countries. These extensive experiences and partnerships allow us to deeply understand the diverse needs of different markets and customers, enabling us to provide accurate and professional services.

Furthermore, in addition to offering excellent custom services, Hengjie is dedicated to enhancing customer experience and service quality. We have a comprehensive service system, striving for excellence in every aspect, from pre-sales consultation and solution design to after-sales service.

It is worth noting that our professional team are pretty good at keeping close communication with customers, promptly addressing inquiries to ensure their satisfaction with our products and services.

Looking forward, we will increase investment and innovation in the green supply chain, making further contributions to global sustainable development. Together, we believe we can create a smart, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly lighting environment.