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The broader our understanding, the great our impact!


On July 27th, the 9th Second Staff Representative Conference of Ningbo Technic Lighting Co., Ltd. was held in Hengjie Office Building. The boss Mr Huang, members of the company's committee, various department managers, and over 30 employee representatives participate in this meeting.

In the meeting, Chairman Tang Haofeng of the labour union delivered a speech. He emphasized that we should embody the "Four Thousand" spirit advocated by Manager Huang, traversing thousands of challenges, enduring countless hardships, exploring numerous possibilities, expressing rich ideas, and seeking breakthroughs through action. The broader our understanding, the great our impact!

In addition, Director Zhou of the General Office explained the pivotal areas for reinforcing management in the new circumstances: in terms of organization, focusing on strategic planning, business operations, workflow optimization, and goal achievement; concerning employee management, emphasizing effective role execution, skill development, performance evaluation, and achievement assessment. We must overcome challenges, enhance our adaptability to changing environments, and ensure the company's sustainable growth.

At the end of the conference, Manager Huang remarks: The company is composed of employees, and our motivation, initiative, and creativity shape the company's destiny. He firmly believed that with unified effort, utilizing our unique talents, fulfilling our responsibilities, and actively engaging in the company's growth and progress, we continuously refine ourselves, becoming valuable assets to society, the enterprise, and our families!